Inanimate Mannequins Not Quite the Same as Life-Size Beings (1/3)

Inanimate Mannequins Not Quite the Same as Life-Size Beings
taelli; au, romance; pg-13; 1735 words

Fashion is Jinri’s passion. Dance is Taemin’s way to advance. No obscurities can foreshadow their similarities. And not the deepest shade of scarlet mauve can deny their ever-burning love. Those rhyme for a reason.

a/n    aka the longest fic title i've ever come up with omfg the title is a bitch to constantly type

Jinri always cracks the top 10 of the whole school.
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Break the Mundane

Title: Break the mundane (tentative)
Pairing: Onew/Seohyun; Onew/Luna
Length: um; 1.9k w
Description: Because life does not come out with an outline. And everything does not go according to the plan.
Warning: infidelity

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amber (nylon)

red light au | amber/f(x) centric

red light au

part one: this isn't war
part two: this is reality (listen to my voice)
part three: but I had to face your last goodbye

pairings: amber / f(x) - centric, henry/amber, slight kai/krystal
genre: angst, action, friendship, horror
rating: m
warnings: major character death, graphic violence
wordcount: 6.3k | 9.6k | 10.8k | ~26k total
summary: red light au. The Resistance is Amber's only hope of finding him.

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the wasteland chronicles 1/?

title: the wasteland chronicles
rating: r (overall)
genre: au, highschool
pairing: amber/krystal, amber/min, key/chanyeol, onew/min, (and others)
length: chaptered
word count: 1538wc
summary: in which youth is wasted on the young, via drugs, sex, alcohol, rebellion, and love, of course.

( Key called everyone bitch, but you could tell the difference between the way he called her bitch and the way he called everyone bitch. )