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21 June 2014 @ 09:24 pm
Isn't It Romantic? by knowmonsta
Taemin/Sulli / G / 318 words / Romance / Prompt: Isn't it romantic?
Summary: In which Jinri is a hopeless romantic, and Taemin is dragged along for the ride.

"It should be starting soon," Jinri says as she double checks the view in the telescope, and as Taemin rummages around in the picnic basket that she prepared, he sighs in relief: they were running low on food.
27 April 2014 @ 11:30 pm
[46] f(x)
[136] Kara
[23] Kyungri (9Muses/Nine Muses)

You can find the rest here @ color_of_soul
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22 April 2014 @ 12:49 pm
Title: Floating Skylights
Characters: Amber and Krystal, minor Sulli
Genre: Friendship
Length: Oneshot

Sometimes, stars are like floating sky lights.
Stuck till an unknown force propels them forward,
causing them to gravitate towards each other and slowly crash,
creating a brilliant eruption of sparks and star dust.

At times, friendship works in a similar way.

Two very different people who would probably never have met, but did anyways.

A/N - Cross posted from my AFF
12 April 2014 @ 05:39 pm
choux pastry hearts (1/2)
kai/krystal, kai/luna, au, pg, 4668 words
"we are all born insignificant in the face of love." ten years between jongin and soojung.

Then she leaned forward, hands falling to rest on the covers he was sitting on, surrounding him in all of her, and kissed him again.
Title: press your smile to my skin
Pairing: Kai/Kyungsoo, Minhyuk/Krystal hoho
Genre: fluff
Length: 1991w
Warnings: This was an ask.fm drabble, underage drinking
Prompt: parents au prompt- kaisoo going on a holiday (just the two of them) and kyungsoo being paranoid about what his girls are up to. even though they're not really doing anything. (maybe one of them throws a party??? much to the dismay of the other 2 sisters LOL)

( ‘Do you think they’re going to be alright on their own?’ )

Note: so I've actually been writing Luna, Sulli and Krystal as kids/daughters in my parents!au but this is the first instalment in which I feel the focus is more on Soojung and her relationship so that's why I posted it here. :)
22 September 2013 @ 01:19 am
pairing: jungli (plus unacted!taestal, minor taeminzy, and ninja!sekaistal)
genre: highschool/prom!au, best friend
rating: pg
warnings: butt touching
wordcount: 2,455

Jinri wasn't sure when or how she had fallen so deeply for SoojungCollapse )
23 August 2013 @ 12:29 pm
Title: Better off (Miles Away)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Krystal/Taemin; slight!Krystal/Kai
Type/Length: One-shot; 2400w
Summary: Soojung does not think they're better off miles away from each other.
Author's Note: And this is the third part of my prompt challenge. Check it out here.
A/N2: A failed attempt to write an angsty Krystal fic and a fic based on Better off by SHINee. :-(

Read more...Collapse )
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14 August 2013 @ 10:47 am
in case i lost my train of thought...
krystal/sulli, general au
drabble, pg-13, 570 words
sulli gets caught with her shirt inside out (actually).


i twist up my lipstick and kiss your lips
drabble, g, 316 words
in which luna has a unique way of showing off her new shades of lipstick.

(i thought it was time to spice things up a bit.)

when will my life begin?
krystal/sulli, royalty au
g, 473w, drabble
in which jinri wants nothing more than to break over the fence (not a metaphor in this situation) and krystal may be her only way out.

(she was bright and beautiful.)

racing through the city; windows down
gongchan/krystal + sulli/suzy
general au; one shot; r; 1,050 words
a late night spin through the city turns into a late night make out session, naturally.

(wanna make out?)

we could stay young forever
krystal/sulli; general au
one shot; r; 1,684 words
jinri and soojung have always dreamt of "getting away" - they'd just never found a good time for it.

(matdongsan or kokkalcorn?)

and try as i might i cannot love you less
krystal/sulli, general au
drabble; pg; 363 words
"promise you won't break my heart?"

(Promise you won't break my heart?)

give her the time, she'll know you mean it
krystal/sulli, boarding school au
drabble; pg; 664 words
kiss me behind the bookstacks.

(I'm sure you have better things to do...)

it's (not) about the money
drabble, g, 554 words
never play drunk monopoly.

(This wasn't supposed to happen.)